LaTeX specific questions:
Octave specific questions: specific questions:
I'm new to LaTeX. Where shall I start? When you register to a template project is created automatically. This project shows some basic LaTeX commands like displaying and referencing an image, handling references, etc. In addition to that you have the possibility to use templates so that you don't have to know the commands exactly (see How do I use and insert templates?).

Which bibliography style shall I use and how do they look like? This depends on your needs. In general the alpha-styles are pretty well suited for most documents. You can find a list with several different styles at BibTeX Style Examples.

Where can I get additional bibliography styles? If you know which bibliography style you want to use you can got to CTAN Search and enter you style in the format: your-style.bst (e.g.: alpha.bst). After you downloaded the .bst file you can simply add the file to you LaTeX project by pressing the 'Browse...' button on your projects page and selecting your file. The upload will start automatically after selection.

Where can I get required packages (like setspace.sty)? The first address to search for packages is probably CTAN Search. There you can search for the desired package (like setspace.sty), download it and add it to your project. You can add the file to you LaTeX project by pressing the 'Browse...' button on your projects page and selecting your file. The upload will start automatically after selection.

How can I draw in LaTeX? There exist several possibilities on how to create drawings in LaTeX. One of the most popular one is the TikZ package. You can find an introduction to TikZ at Drawing in LaTeX with TikZ.

How do I create and use a function file? Create a new file (e.g. worker.m) and fill it with

function s = worker(x)
% worker(x) Calculates sine(x) in degrees
s = sin(x*pi/180);

In any other .m file you can call it with


How do I generate a PDF file from my LaTeX-code? On your project page choose the appropriate project you want to build and then press the 'Generate' button located on top of the editor. The resulting PDF will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

How do I edit the bibliography of my project? On your project page choose the appropriate project and then press the 'Bibliography' button located on top of the editor. Here you can edit your bibliography. In order to to back to your document simply press the button again (now named 'Document'). Note: If the bibliography contains content and there exists no '\bibliographystyle{...}', '\bibliography{document}' and at least one '\cite{...}' the PDF generation will fail.

How do I save my project and how often is that necessary? On your projects page choose the appropriate project you want to save and then press the 'Save' button located on the right side of the 'Generate' button. This will save the project you are currently working on. You can also use the hotkey 'ctrl + s' to save the project. You can decide for yourself how often you want to save but generally the more often the better.

How do I use and insert templates? When you are writing text in the editor then position the caret (the blinking "|") at the position you want to insert the template. Finally click on one of the template-buttons right on top of the editor. You will see a little description (tooltip) when your mouse cursor is located over the image.

The PDF is not displayed. I can download it only. What shall I do? Probably you have no PDF viewer installed or it is not correctly integrated in your browser. You can download a PDF viewer from Adobe.

How do I/Why should I enable/disable syntax highlighting? supports syntax highlighting and it's enabled by default. If you experience any problems or you feel that the editor reacts slower than without syntax highlighting you can disable it by pressing the 'Preferences' button above. Simply uncheck 'Enable syntax highlighting' and finally press the 'Update' button. The next time you go to your projects (by pressing the 'LaTeX' or 'Octave' button above) syntax highlighting will be disabled/enabled.

How do I/Why should I clear my browser cache? Every time you visit a homepage your browser stores some data (images, formatting information, etc.) on your local machine so that it isn't necessary to download it again next time you visit a page. If some minor changes are made to a homepage the browser sometimes does not refresh the cache and uses the old configurations which might result in graphical inconsistencies. If you want to clear the browser cache by hand simply do the following steps:

  • Firefox: Press 'Ctrl'+'Shift'+'Del' on your keyboard -> From the 'Time range to clear' drop-down menu, select the desired range (to clear your entire cache, select 'Everything') -> Click the down arrow next to 'Details' to choose what history elements to clear (the best is to check all checkboxes) -> 'Clear Now'.
  • Internet Explorer: Press 'Ctrl'+'Shift'+'Del' on your keyboard -> Select all checkboxes -> 'Delete'.
  • Safari: Press 'Apple'+'Alt'+'e' on your keyboard -> 'Empty'.
  • Chrome: Press 'Ctrl'+'Shift'+'Del' on your keyboard -> Select all checkboxes -> Select 'Clear data from this period' -> Select 'Everything' -> 'Clear Browsing Data'.
  • Opera: Click 'Tools' from the menu -> 'Delete Private Data...' -> 'Details' -> Select all checkboxes -> 'Delete'.

How do I use code completion? helps you in writing LaTeX-code by providing the possibility of code completion (for LaTeX commands). Please note: Code completion only works if syntax highlighting is enabled. All you need to do is to press 'ctrl'+'space' after a '\'. Example: You want to create a new subsection in your document but the only thing you know is that the LaTeX command starts with something like '\sub<something>'. If your keyboard curser is located after the 'b' of '\sub' press 'ctrl'+'space'. A small selectbox will appear which let's you choose and insert (by pressing 'enter' or double click with the mouse) the selected command.

How do I use custom templates? In the 'Preferences' section there exist three input fields ('Custom Template 1', 'Custom Template 2' and 'Custom Template 3'). You can enter some text you want to have available as a template and then press the 'Update' button. The next time you enter your projects page you can access your templates by pressing the bold '1', '2' or '3' in the template bar (on top of the editor).

How do I create a backup of my projects? You can download any project (.tex files, image files and resources) as a .zip file by choosing a project from the list and press 'Download a Copy' in your 'Preferences' section.

How do I toggle fullscreen? In order to toggle between fullscreen and splitscreen press the arrow-button on the upper right corner of the LaTeX editor.

How do I correctly (!) upload a preexisting .tex file? You can upload a preexisting .tex file by pressing the 'File...' button in the 'Documents (.tex)' box. Attention: Please assure to upload all .tex files in UTF-8 encoding, otherwise it may be possible that some special characters are not displayed correctly.